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While oceanfront property is highly desirable for tourists and homeowners alike, artificial lighting along certain coastlines endangers the local wildlife. When sea turtles hatch on the beach, they instinctually make their way to the ocean by following the reflection of the moon and starlight off of the water. Nowadays, turtles are disoriented by the bright lights of nearby condos, resorts, or roadways, and head inland toward the artificial lights rather than toward the ocean. Strict lighting guidelines must be followed in many coastal cities to combat this issue, including both light distribution and light source restrictions.

A turtle's visual system does not respond to wavelengths above 580nm. The only colors of light above this threshold are amber and red - and most people would agree that amber light creates a more pleasant atmosphere than saturated red light. Therefore, amber light sources have become the norm in many coastal cities throughout North America.

Wildlife friendly

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commision (FWC) has approved specific amber LED light sources to be used in close proximity to sea turtle nesting and hatching habitats. A variety of birds and other animals which migrate at night may also be affected by artificial lighting and benefit from the use of amber light sources.

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Applications for astronomy

When studying the night sky, known wavelengths can be filtered out much more easily than broad spectrum sources. Short wavelengths are the most difficult to account for due to Rayleigh scattering of blue light. A narrow bandwidth amber LED light source is the recommendation for most astronomical applications such as areas near observatories.

More than 60 BEGA luminaires across dozens of product families are available with amber LEDs. The narrow bandwidth (585-600nm) LED is approved by the FWC. Electrical specifications may vary from the standard luminaire. With a wide selection of product types, BEGA luminaires fulfill all of your amber lighting needs.

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