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Business System

"Success at BEGA North America doesn’t happen by accident."

Success at BEGA North America doesn’t happen by accident. We have a proven system for achieving it. We call it the BEGA Business System (BBS), and it drives every aspect of our culture and performance. We use BBS to guide what we do, measure how well we execute, and create options for doing even better – including improving BBS itself.

Fueled by BEGA’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values, the BBS engine drives the company through a never-ending cycle of change and improvement.

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BEGA's vision is to Illuminate what matters.

A guiding light for elevating our thinking beyond day-to-day activity in a clear and memorable way, BEGA North America’s vision intentionally possesses more than one meaning. Naturally, as an architectural lighting company, to illuminate a surface or an object makes perfect sense.

There is a deeper meaning, however. To illuminate can also mean to make lucid or clear, or to shed light on an important idea. Whether that concept or idea is for our industry, our community, or our family, we want to matter to people who matter to us. And most importantly, to illuminate can also mean to enlighten, as with knowledge. We invest heavily in our people, and we believe this simple idea is why they ultimately choose BEGA for a lifetime; because we are focused on illuminating what matters to them.


BEGA’s mission is to inspire and enable renowned architectural lighting solutions.

Very few industries offer such a beautiful blend of science and art. Around the world, BEGA luminaires are used to transform city skylines, beautify communities, highlight our most sacred monuments, feature prominent landscapes, and illuminate architecture of all genres. We strike an emotional chord with the most seasoned eye and the casual observer alike, and believe nowhere else in the creation of our built environment can a manufacturer play such a meaningful role after the sun goes down.

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Core Values

BEGA's core values can be summarized in three simple words - Quality, Family, and Growth.

1. We have an unwavering commitment to QUALITY above all… in our people, products, partners and processes.

2. We are a diverse FAMILY of passionate and self-driven individuals who act with integrity, fairness and respect, that hold one another accountable to the highest standards, and collectively promote work-life balance.

3. We embrace perpetual GROWTH and development, continuous learning and constant improvement, enabling the brand, the organization, and the individual to realize their full potential.