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LED Technology

Decades of experience have taught us the quality that is demanded of our luminaires.

This knowledge results in the continuous improvement of our products and our commitment to the highest level of quality. When processing and selecting LED components, we consistently follow our own ideas and are not guided by standard market criteria. We have established all the necessary conditions to this end, including the latest manufacturing processes.

Our Products

Quality Above All

All BEGA LED luminaires are supplied with tailor-made modules from our own production line. Vertical integration affords complete control over all materials used and eliminates any need to compromise. We alone determine all essential factors such as delivered lumens, Kelvin temperature, color rendering, and the thermal management of a luminaire, and we have a direct influence on quality as a result.

Our LED modules are expected to reach the maximum possible service life. With this in mind, we are committed to using components of the highest quality, made exclusively of aging-resistant materials. For this reason, we consistently refrain from using inferior materials such as light-directing plastic lenses in our optical systems. Instead, we prefer durable materials such as glass, silicone or aluminum.

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Service Life

The aging of electronic components, especially light-emitting diodes, depends on the temperatures to which they are exposed during operation. The higher the component temperature, the shorter the anticipated service life. In the development of our luminaires, therefore, thermal management represents a great challenge. In addition to using high-grade components, we have also made design-related changes which contribute to favorable temperature conditions inside the luminaires. This results in a significant extension of LED service life.

At the same time, electronic protective devices help to prevent the individual components from overheating. We have taken a decidedly conservative approach to temperature control in our luminaires – values remain far below the maximum temperatures for LED modules. Our LED modules are designed for a service life of at least 60,000 operating hours. These values may be significantly higher depending on the ambient temperature.

20 Year Promise

The 20-year replacement promise - What happens when an LED comes to the end of its service life? Where can you obtain a replacement for this electronic component? Do customers have to seek out new modules, or replace luminaires or entire lighting systems themselves? We have not yet found answers from either external module suppliers or luminaire manufacturers that meet our understanding of corporate responsibility. Therefore, we have come up with a solution to this problem for our customers. Today you will already find a source designation in every LED luminaire, providing exact details of the installed modules.

Furthermore, our in-house production enables us to deliver matching LED modules for many years to come. BEGA guarantees our customers that we will continue to supply replacement modules up to 20 years after the purchase of an LED luminaire.

Perhaps the technology and design of the components will have changed by then, but in their light color and output, the replacements will match the originally installed LED modules. Modular design enables these components to be replaced easily while on site using standard tools.

Suitable precautions have already been taken to protect against electrostatic discharge and accidental polarity reversal of the electronic components. The safe and economical further use of your LED luminaires is thus assured.

Our Products
Our Products
Our Products