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75 Years of Continuous Improvement

For 75 years, BEGA has been developing and producing high-quality luminaires for virtually all areas of interior and exterior architecture. Three generations of steadfast commitment to quality above all, and timeless design, have given rise to products whose technologies and trademarks set the standard for countless luminaires throughout the industry. BEGA’s Light Brick – Lichtbaustein®, for example, has been trademarked for more than 60 years, and is still widely emulated throughout the lighting world.

Our Products

Decades of Expertise

We have been intensely focused on illumination from the ground level. BEGA’s expertise and innovation have influenced many of the quality standards used today. We understand the extreme conditions exterior luminaires must face due to their exposure to dirt, atmospheric influences, and extreme temperature fluctuations. More than any other luminaire, they must stand up to enormous stress.

Our craftsmanship ensures that BEGA’s exterior products endure the elements. Our attention to quality is not the result of some industry set of rules, but rather, based on our years of expertise and our commitment to excellence.

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High Standards in Lighting Technology

Know-how, experience, and a constant willingness to learn, defines our daily approach to the development of new luminaires and new product ideas. Long before the term sustainability became a mere advertising slogan, we attached importance to careful design and the intelligent use of raw materials. Sustainable resource management and the creation of exemplary production facilities, for both our workforce and the environment, have been part of our basic entrepreneurial principles from the very beginning.

For a long service life and operational reliability, it is imperative that our care in development and manufacturing be accompanied by expert installation and maintenance by the electrical trade.

Our daily work is determined by our high standards in lighting technology, workmanship, and usability, as well as in the aesthetic quality of our luminaires. Our common goal is to create durable assets that are designed to stand the test of time.

BEGA luminaires are intended to fit harmoniously with surrounding architecture and perform their tasks for many years to come. Their light should subtly underline the architecture, set the scene atmospherically and convincingly, or simply maintain a pleasing appearance at night.

Most importantly, our luminaires are lighting tools for a diverse range of design ideas from all those who plan and design with light.