Multi-level Retail Space

Multi-level retail space

The BEGA Application Guide is full of lighting design inspiration for dozens of common space types. In the following example from the guide, a large multi-level atrium is illuminated with BEGA luminaires to meet recommended light levels.

This lighting solution is applicable to many different spaces with similar parameters including a large, open space with high ceilings and walkways around the perimeter. An airport or train station concourse, a shopping center, or a hotel lobby are all classic examples that often utilize this floorplan. While each of these spaces may call for slightly different illuminance levels, the luminaire type and placement remains the same.

In the following scenario, the open floor plan pedestrian space is 215 ft by 95 ft, with 40 ft tall ceilings. Here, the main source of light is from surface ceiling fixtures that have been grouped into sets of four and spaced on a grid. These luminaires use precise optics to efficiently direct the light downward onto the floor surface, 40 ft below. The resulting average light level is 30 fc, based on the recommended illuminance for a shopping center. The brightly illuminated space will induce a sense of energy and excitement for the occupants in this space.

The surrounding walkways and storefronts are illuminated with recessed ceiling luminaires, spaced to create a uniform light level on the floor. The selected LED fixtures have excellent glare control in order to maintain visual comfort, and prevent the visual systems of the occupants from becoming fatigued in this busy environment.

Finally, aimable floodlights are installed on the edge of the second and third story walkways to provide additional accents where needed. These luminaires may be easily adjusted to highlight anything from information or lobby desks, to seasonal decor or escalator platforms.

Look to the BEGA Application Guide to be inspired by more lighting design solutions such as restaurant, bar, parking garage, and commercial building entrance applications. Additionally, explore our project references section of the BEGA Library App for photos and information about our product installations around the world, including the example featured below.

The Sundial St. Pete is an outdoor shopping and dining destination in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. BEGA wall luminaires with light in two directions were chosen to highlight the architectural columns and provide task lighting throughout the complex. The compelling light distribution on all four sides of each column transforms the nighttime appearance of this popular, metropolitan center.

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