WiFi Light Building Element

WiFi Light Building Elements

Being connected to the internet is a necessity in today’s world. Whether in a classroom, coffee shop, or park, we are always in search of a way to remain connected. Typically this need is addressed with WiFi routers placed strategically throughout both interior and exterior spaces.

While these devices provide the required internet signals, they are also an eye-sore commonly found mounted to the side of buildings or light poles.

BEGA recognizes the need for seamlessly integrated WiFi throughout public spaces and has welcomed this opportunity to provide an innovative new solution. WiFi Light Building Elements allow you to incorporate the necessary IT hardware into luminaires around a campus, providing both internet and illumination from a single source.

A versatile mounting bracket for the access point or router of your choice is concealed behind a conveniently located access door. Just above this are four integral, dual-band antennas enclosed by a composite section of housing which allows the signal to emit most effectively. This composite section of housing is finished with the same powder coat paint used to finish our other exterior luminaires. This ensures a uniform appearance down the length of these linear elements.

A luminaire head at the very top provides general illumination in either a symmetric or asymmetric distribution. Additionally, an adjustable floodlight may be incorporated below the WiFi components and used to highlight landscaping, sculptures, or architectural features.

Bronze Finish Detail

WiFi light building element

WiFi light building element with adjustable floodlight

Staying true to our design philosophy for all products, the performance, design, and quality are equally balanced to create a luminaire which is both timeless and efficient.

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