BEGA 20-Year LED Replacement Promise
September 13, 2017

20-Year LED Replacement Promise

Who will supply you with a new LED module? We have given much thought to this important question. For many companies, it remains unanswered, and often gets lost in meaningless advertising claims. As a responsible manufacturer of high-quality and durable products, we began producing our own LED modules several years ago, to ensure the same high quality you’ve come to expect in the luminaires we’ve been manufacturing for more than 70 years.

LED technology redefines acquired standards and assessment criteria, and creates unimagined possibilities of designing with light. Rather than designing our luminaires to fit a predetermined set of constraints, manufacturing our own LED modules affords us the flexibility to create the ideal source for each of our luminaires. We have developed unparalleled technological capabilities that we employ to manufacture our own high-performance modules. This means that we are fully responsible for the quality and replacement of our LED modules, in the same way we have so reliably demonstrated with our other components in the past.

BEGA LED Technology

BEGA LED Technology

BEGA LED Technology

One of the greatest challenges facing the development of new luminaires is thermal management. Efficiency and service life continue to improve. In addition to using high-grade components, we have also made design-related changes which contribute to favorable temperature conditions inside the luminaires. This results in significant extensions of LED service life. At the same time, electronic protective devices help to prevent the individual components from overheating. We have taken a decidedly conservative approach to temperature control in our luminaires - with values remaining far below the maximum temperatures for LED modules.

Today, you will find a lamp designation in each of our LED luminaires that provides exact details for the installed modules. Thanks to this designation, we will be able to produce LED modules to match your BEGA luminaires for many years to come. We guarantee the availability of replacement modules up to 20 years after you purchase an LED luminaire from us. Perhaps the technology and design of certain components will have changed by then, but the characteristics of the light output will be maintained. The conscientious design of our products makes it easy to replace these components on site with standard tools. We don’t take this responsibility lightly, and are proud to stand behind our products, with the knowledge that a BEGA luminaire will not become useless because matching modules are no longer available.

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