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JUNE 12, 2019

Introducing the Impact Bollard

An effective solution for vehicular protection and long-term security. Choose one of the three installation methods to protect against vehicular intrusion of your site. The impact bollard tube can provide protection for virtually any application, from bike lanes and property lines to universities and government properties. Our toughest most robust installation option meets K4 and M30 P1.
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Engineered for Strength

BEGA has performed extensive calculations and testing to provide precisely measured impact resistance with corresponding construction documents. One bollard tube with 3 different installation methods allows for design flexibility.

3 Installation Methods

BEGA impact bollard tube can be installed 1 of 3 ways depending on the level of protection required. The bollard tube anchorage system is designed for 3 different applications, with a corresponding foundation to be constructed on site.

During the specification process, simply choose the rating you wish to meet, and the full scale concrete rebar structural construction documents will be provided.

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1.5 metric tons at 6 mph

Protection from a vehicle (1.5 metric tons) traveling at 6 mph

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1.5 metric tons at 30 mph

Protection from a vehicle (1.5 metric tons) traveling at 30 mph

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7.5 metric tons at 30 mph

≤1 m of penetration from a vehicle (7.5 metric tons) traveling at 30 mph
(meets K4 & M30 P1 requirements)

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Comprehensive Structural Details

Construction documents are provided to ensure seamless and reliable integration with architectural site plans.

Multiple Design Options

The impact bollard tubes are part of the modular System Bollard family to be used in conjuction with a luminaire head or non-illuminated cap to create a unified lighting solution for your project.

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Round Unshielded

Designed for the effective lighting of landscapes, pathways, and open spaces featuring a diffuse light distributions.

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Square Shielded

Directed light will meet U0 design constraints. Square impact tube is available in the two 1.5 metric ton vehicle ratings only.

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Non-Illuminated Bollard Cap

Designed for locations on your site where impact protection is required but additional light is not.

Round Impact Bollard Tubes

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Square Impact Bollard Tubes

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