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Historical architecture in a new light

Shortly after its founding in 1849, the Sparkasse Oberösterreich building construction commenced and was completed over half-a-decade later in 1892. Originally designed by architect Ignaz Scheck, the building features Historicism style architecture, incorporating various historic styles and motifs into the design.

Architects Eva-Maria Bauer and Gerhard Stahl, and lighting designer Christian Nopp, worked together on the historical office of Sparkasse Oberösterreich in Linz, Austria with the intention of highlighting the countless architectural details throughout the building.

A sophisticated illumination design highlights the magnificent details of the foyer

The lighting design in the staircase and foyer of the Sparkasse Oberösterreich head office was a complex project. “The goal was to be able to achieve a wide variety of lighting scenarios and light effects.” Says Christian Nopp, Managing Director of the lighting design firm Das Licht.

Architects and lighting designers collaborated and developed modern, elegant, and dynamic lighting solutions for this project. DALI components integrated in an existing KNX system provide convenient control of the lighting, which is perfect for a building with such versatile uses: in addition to being the main entryway to the Sparkasse Oberösterreich, the foyer is used for receptions and other public events.

The consistency between BEGAs interior and exterior collections made it easy for architects and lighting designers to create a cohesive lighting design inside and out. Tunable white large-area pendant luminaires from the STUDIO LINE complement the interior design; performance floodlights and wall luminaires with very narrow beam distribution create special illumination effects and highlight unique architectural features.

The sustainability and durability of the specified luminaires were of utmost importance to the architects and lighting designers; they wanted luminaires that would look beautiful, perform well, and stand the test of time, which is why they chose BEGA. Christian Nopp said “BEGA luminaires are of very high-quality and extremely durable. Precisely radiating optics were also important to us for high-contrast, customizable accent lighting.”

A human centric focus: Dynamic light with varying color temperatures

The impressive skylights included in the original 19th century design inspired architects and lighting designers to recreate daylight conditions in the foyer. This design for biologically effective illumination is centered around people. The degree of illuminance, the color temperature of the light, and the changes in light throughout the day all influence a person’s overall concentration and productivity. Ten large-area pendant luminaires from the STUDIO LINE simulate the progression of daylight, from warm white to cool white, with a color temperature from 2700K to 6500K.

The additional BEGA luminaires used throughout the space add a finishing touch to the lighting design in this historical building. Accentuating columns and arches, highlighting artwork, and additional special illumination for events can all be easily controlled via a tablet or smartphone.

Some design modifications were required and made possible through custom luminaire production. The architects and lighting designers ultimately chose BEGA because of our high-quality products, customization options, and superior customer service. Christian Nopp said “For such a challenging project, you need a reliable partner by your side who places a lot of importance on after-sales service.”

Building Developer

Sparkasse Oberösterreich, Linz

Historical Architecture

Ignaz Scheck (1841-1903), Linz

Architectural Overhaul

bau_bar7 Architects, Linz

Lighting Design

Das Licht, Leonding

Electrical Engineer

Ransmayr Elektrotechnik, Linz

Luminaires Used