Surface Cylinder Redesign

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May 4, 2022

Now with BEGA Hybrid Optics®

Surface mounted cylinders are compact ceiling mounted luminaires available in a variety of housing sizes, lighting distributions, and light outputs. Rated for both interior and exterior use, these luminaires are designed for smaller spaces where a few fixtures will provide adequate lighting or where the ceilings are high. Typically, the installation of surface ceiling fixtures does not require as much planning during the construction phase. And with the advancement of LED technology, maintenance intervals are reduced to a minimum.

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What's new?

The entire range of surface cylinder luminaires has been completely redesigned to incorporate one of our newest and most innovative optical platforms. BEGA Hybrid Optics® offer complete lighting control thanks to optimally combined refraction and reflection. Precisely calculated optical systems, using reflectors with a surface made of pure aluminum and refractors made of ultra-clear silicone or glass, capture and direct nearly every vector of light from the LED modules.

The interplay between lens and reflector technologies delivers crisp patterns of light while achieving maximum efficacy. With all new castings, optics, and light engines, BEGA’s range of surface cylinder downlights now offer a broader range of delivered lumens and distributions while maintaining BEGA’s commitment to a simple and timeless aesthetic.

Improvements in Multiple Areas

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New Scales

BEGA’s surface cylinder family of luminaires are now available in four scales ranging from 4” to 7.5” in diameter.

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Increased Output

A broader range of available light engines deliver up to 35% more light while preserving BEGA’s commitment to visual comfort.

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New Distributions

With BEGA Hybrid Optics®, surface cylinders now offer narrow, wide, very wide, wall washer, and flat beam distributions.

Available in 5 Distributions

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Symmetric narrow beam distributions with beam angles from 14°-21° are perfect for task lighting solutions.

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Symmetric wide beam distributions with beam angles from 31°-39° can be used for both task and general area illumination.

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Very Wide

Symmetric very wide beam distributions with beam angles from 55°-74° are ideal for general area illumination.

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Wall Washer

Asymmetric wall washers can be used to create general illumination while also washing a wall and highlighting the unique surface.

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Asymmetric wide beam

Asymmetric distribution designed for the even illumination of ground surfaces in corridors and other interior and exterior locations.

Application Example

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Commercial Building Entrance

A large, covered entry area is illuminated from above with several surface-mounted ceiling fixtures. Using a directed light source ensures that the light will reach the ground surface, even when mounted at a great height. To accent the columns supporting the roof, very narrow beam in-ground floodlights are installed on the front side. This strategy helps create depth in the space. Additional recessed ceiling lights are installed at the entrance doorway, which increases the light level and creates a visual cue at the location of the entry.

The general lighting of the interior space is created through many large-scale, surface-mounted ceiling luminaires. Since the facade is glass, the illuminated interior can clearly be seen from outside viewers.

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