BEGA Goes Solar

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September 28, 2022

Celebrating our transition to
solar energy

At BEGA, one of our initiatives is to pursue environmental sustainability, zero landfill waste, carbon neutral manufacturing, and energy independence. To deliver on this mission critical promise we take a balanced approach to people and the planet.
Our Facilities

Making an Impact

BEGA has invested more than $4 million in solar energy to provide 95% of our campus electrical needs, significantly reducing our reliance on traditional sources and reducing our carbon footprint.

HES Solar has installed more than 2,000 fully recyclable solar panels that will provide over 900kW of power to our facility. With the installation of two Tesla megapack battery storage systems, our facility will also remain fully functional in case of a power outage or during our seasonal June gloom.

Not only will this make us more sustainable and efficient as a company, it will also have a positive impact on our community here in Carpinteria. Our use of solar energy will reduce the carbon footprint of the city and will reduce the city’s electrical load, contributing to an overall more stable system; this ensures that rolling brown-outs due to strain on the electrical grid are less likely.

Our Products

Cradle to Cradle

Our solar project is rated silver under cradle to cradle as opposed to most materials that are rated “cradle to grave”. This is an unbiased rating that substantiates the claims that these products are over 90% recyclable at the end of their life by the Cradle to Cradle Institute.

Cradle to Cradle Certified Products Program is a comprehensive product quality standard that evaluates product design, manufacturing, and sourcing practices as well as corporate citizenship and ethics principles. C2C Certification is a symbol of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Our Products

Environmental Sustainability

In addition to converting to renewable energy, BEGA has implemented other sustainable initiatives that have improved our sustainability as a company. With initiatives like our recycling and waste management program, our Alternative Transportation Program, our ongoing efforts to limit single use plastics on campus, our investment in electric forklifts, and our offering of electric vehicle charging stations, BEGA is on the path to a sustainable future. Our recycling and waste management program alone has reduced our landfill contributions and led to 94%* of all waste being recycled.

*Independently verified by Keter Environmental Services

Effects of BEGA’s Waste Management Program

The chart below illustrates different carbon equivalents of the effects our recycling and waste management program has had on the planet so far in 2022.

Our Products