Aluminum Poles Revamp

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Our new pole portfolio offers an array of pole features and heights, better accommodates LED fixtures, and greatly improves the modification process to meet your lighting design needs. The improved portfolio includes straight and tapered poles, fixed and hinged base poles, and thicker and wider pole options for high-EPA fixtures or high-wind conditions.

All poles are available in a wider variety of heights ranging from 8’-35’ to accommodate every lighting application. The upgraded pole portfolio and modification process make it easier than ever to get exactly what you need.

Comparing Pole Options

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Hinged vs Fixed Base

Hinged base poles allow for field serviceability without requiring a ladder or lift and allows a driver to be installed at the bottom of the pole. The hinged mechanism is easy to operate: simply remove the cover and three bolts holding the hinge in place, and then hold and walk down the length of the pole, slowly setting it down to access anything mounted to the top of the pole. For safety reasons it is advised not to mount more than 50 lbs. to a hinged pole to prevent injury when lowering the pole.

A fixed base pole is simpler in design. Once installed it is not intended to move, and a cherry picker is required to access the top of the pole.

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Tapered vs Straight Pole

Tapered poles get narrower towards the top of the pole. When referring to a pole taper, it is not uncommon to reference the top and bottom diameters. For example, a pole that is 4” on the top with a 3” tenon, and 6” on the bottom, may be referred to as a 4-6 taper or 6-4 taper. The taper does not include any tenons that are present. Tapered poles typically have a small, straight section at the top of the pole so fixtures can be mounted without issue.

Straight poles have the same diameter throughout. Tenons are more common on straight poles. Tenons are welded additions to the top of the pole and provide a smaller diameter section for mounting fixtures.

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High EPA vs Standard Offering

Our Standard pole offering accommodates most modern LED fixtures in most conditions. Our High-EPA pole line mirrors our Standard offering in terms of height and variety but is comprised of thicker or wider poles that can support higher EPA fixtures and withstand higher wind conditions than our standard poles.

By creating a secondary line to meet the high wind and high weight situations, we can offer more affordable and tenon-less options to customers who don’t need the added strength. As always, please consult a structural engineer familiar with the project and project location when specifying poles, as each site will have different wind and safety considerations.

Our New Numbering System

To improve communication, our new pole numbering system makes it easier than ever to know what you are specifying. The new numbers convey: the nominal height, the shape, base, tapered, and if a pole is a standard or high EPA.

In the example below, we will breakdown pole 16 RHNE1



Nominal Height












Pole Line
E=High EPA



Version Number

Application Examples

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Pedestrian Scale (8'–16')

For pedestrian scale applications, such as walking paths, trails, bike lanes, and courtyards, a smaller pole-top fixture on a shorter pole works well to provide comfortable and even lighting without glare.

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Site & Area (16'–35')

For applications like parking lots or two-lane residential roads, a larger pole-fixture mounted on a taller pole is an excellent solution to provide general illumination.

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Floodlights (8'–35')

Poles of any size are a great way to elevate floodlights. Floodlights can be used in addition to, or instead of, a pole-top fixture, and they allow for highly customizable light output and distribution. Multiple floodlights of different scales, distributions, and light output can be mounted to different locations on the same pole, providing the perfect solution to various lighting requirements.

Modifications Made Easier

We know modifications require additional coordinating and communication. To improve the process and make it easier than ever to modify our poles, our specification sheets for poles now include a second sheet with common modification requests and options. Should a modification be required, the second sheet is intended to help streamline the process during the initial design and specification.

Simply use this sheet to select common options and accessories like GFCIs and base plate covers, and to start the modification process for a custom pole height, modified GFCI location, handhole addition or location change, and vibration dampeners. As always, if you don’t see what you are looking for, please reach out to your local representative who will work with you to find a solution.

Can I still order old poles?

For a limited time, we will still accept orders for old poles. To ease the transition to our new pole portfolio, here is a table to convert poles from the old portfolio to the new portfolio:

Our New Pole Offerings

Fixed Base

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Hinged Base

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High EPA Fixed Base

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High EPA Hinged Base

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Wooden Poles

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