New Wall Cylinders

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January 17, 2024

Versatile accent lighting for columns, walls, and facades

This new series of compact wall luminaires is available in multiple scales and distributions and can easily be installed in any orientation. A multitude of striking lighting arrangements can be achieved with these wall luminaires, elevating the appearance of any building facade.
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Our Products

Wall Luminaires

Wall luminaires are commonly found both indoors and outdoors because they are highly versatile. Their light can be unshielded, shielded, or directed, and the fixture itself can be decorative as well as functional. They are designed to illuminate areas in front of buildings, pathways in and around buildings, entrance areas, corridors, and staircases. Wall luminaires can provide structure and accentuate textures by grazing a surface with light. When arranged in rows or as a group, they can create visual rhythm within a space, and lead the eye to an entry or down a hallway. Equally important, wall-mounted luminaires can provide emergency egress lighting when installed on an electrical circuit with a power inverter. Power inverters are commonly used in emergency lighting systems to ensure that the luminaires continue to function during power outages, making them a reliable choice for egress lighting in such applications.

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Benefits at a Glance

Three Scales

Available in three scales to suit all of your lighting design needs.

Multiple Effects

Narrow or very wide beam in both directions, or a combination of both.

Varied Applications

Illuminate facades, pathways, entrance areas, corridors, and staircases.

Versatile Installation

Easily install this family in any orientation for maximum design flexibility.

Available in 3 Distributions

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Narrow beam in both directions

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Very wide beam in both directions

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Narrow beam upwards, wide beam downwards

See It in Action: Transforming the visual impact of spaces

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Narrow Beam Uplight

Uplighting works particularly well to emphasize the symmetry of the building and the surface materials. Wall grazing with a wall-mounted luminaire provides depth and texture to vertical surfaces, enhancing architectural details while creating a dramatic ambiance by accentuating the play of light and shadow. It's a powerful technique for transforming the visual impact of spaces.


Wide Beam Downlight

The versatility of this family can contribute to a pleasant and inviting atmosphere in a variety of settings. In addition to highlighting the brick surface, this wall-mounted luminaire combines optimal distribution and source shielding to provide soft and comfortable ambient illumination.

Explore the new Family

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Wall luminaire

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