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May 4, 2020

Peace of mind for decades.

Meeting the highest quality standards for an architectural finish, BEGA Unidure® offers phenomenal weathering properties and world-class color retention.
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Quality above all

Whether baking in the sun or freezing in the cold, architectural outdoor luminaires endure some of the most rigorous, day-to-day durability challenges associated with the built environment. Selecting an exterior architectural finish that preserves the longest lifespan possible can be a daunting task. With BEGA Unidure®, a fluoropolymer technology, you now have peace of mind for decades. Luminaires achieve even more brilliant, long-lasting colors that look fresh and vivid year after year. The unique chemical structure improves corrosion resistance, ensuring a longer life than any other finish available today.

Surviving the elements

Aluminum has long been the construction material of choice for a wide variety of products, including architectural outdoor luminaires. These products must be protected against the elements in order to survive. Atmospheric corrosion from acid rain, marine environments, high alkaline soils, high heat, and humidity can all cause these items to fail. That is why all aluminum products require a protective coating. Topcoats formulated with fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) resins – also known as fluoropolymer technology – maintain their bright colors for 20 years or more. As a result, luminaires can look as good as new for decades. Additionally, FEVE resins provide outstanding protection against UV radiation, oxidation, humidity, and corrosion.

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Our Standard Finishes

BEGA exterior luminaires are available in four standard colors: Black, Bronze, Silver, and White. These powder coat finishes are applied electrostatically to a minimum of 3.0 mil thickness with a deep matte, fine textured coating. This distinct look, most noticeable with BEGA Black, provides the highest quality, most graceful aging, and elegantly masks the buildup of particulates over time. BEGA Unidure® finish, a fluoropolymer technology, provides superior fade protection in Black, Bronze, and Silver. Given its minimal usage for exterior applications, and a customer experience that does not necessitate superior fade protection, BEGA standard White remains a Super Durable Polyester Powder. BEGA also offers custom color and finish options which must be specified at an added cost.

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Material selection

Fluoropolymers are typically used in architectural markets due to their phenomenal weathering properties and world-class color and gloss retention. Their corrosion resistance and excellent weatherability make them extremely popular for exterior architectural applications like curtain walls, windows, doors and more.

The two most common types of Fluoropolymers found in powder coatings are FEVE, and PVDF. PVDF Fluoropolymers always need a primer beneath them, whether liquid or powder, and are much more difficult to bond when creating metallic powders. FEVE resins are the most popular within the powder community for their superior single coat capability and incredible exterior performance. FEVE based Fluoropolymer metallics can also be bonded so that when applied, the metallic flake is more evenly distributed throughout the powder for a more consistent appearance. As an example, BEGA’s standard Silver (SLV) finish is a bonded metallic. Fluoropolymer powders are usually only available to members of a Certified Applicator program, as the service life of this top coating can last over 20-years when applied by a Certified Applicator.

Finishing methods

All BEGA luminaires go through a multi-stage preparation, finishing and curing process, which provides the most durable and corrosion resistant finish available in the lighting industry today. What should you take away from this? Regardless of which powder is used, alloy preparation is critical to the longevity of a finish in application!

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Environmentally conscious

All BEGA finishes are RoHS compliant. BEGA’s finishing process is a closed-loop system, meaning extra precautions are taken to manage the waste-water stream, and absolutely no water or chemicals are discharged into the local sewer system. Our process is chrome-free and phosphate-free, making it the logical choice for environmentally conscious clients. Hexavalent chromium, the toxic compound used in typical conversion coat systems, presents grave problems with handling and hazardous waste disposal (à la Erin Brockovich). In contrast, BEGA’s system is closed loop and filtered, eliminating all emissions. What does this all mean? BEGA takes a great deal of care and concern to be a good steward of the environment.

Certified applicator

BEGA North America has successfully met the stringent AAMA 2605-17a requirements and is a certified fluoropolymer applicator, giving us access to the industry’s highest quality materials.

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With BEGA Unidure®, luminaires achieve even more brilliant, long-lasting colors that look fresh and vivid year after year. Download the whitepaper to learn more.