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February 23, 2021


BEGA is pleased to announce we have joined forces with Convergence in Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois.
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Emphasizing long-standing relationships and a belief that customers should be served with integrity and quality, BEGA’s sales partner in the Kansas City market, Convergence, has emerged as a world-class independent representative throughout Kansas and Western, MO. In February, 2021, Convergence announced the grand opening of their St. Louis office, and that they would be joining forces with Scott Burton and Sandy Frederich. Both Scott and Sandy are St. Louis residents and decades long BEGA partners, making this alignment a natural fit. At BEGA, there is an unwavering commitment to quality above all, in our people, products, partners and processes. Nowhere is this commitment to quality more evident than Convergence and their incredible teams in Kansas City and St. Louis. The Convergence company culture, core values, and balanced approach to business development align perfectly with BEGA’s long-term vision for the Eastern Missouri and Southern Illinois market. To all our friends at Convergence St. Louis, congratulations on your new adventure!

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