LIMBURG Collection

Opal glass · Direct

  LED   A B C
50 232 13.6W / 17.0W 3540 lm
7 ½
50 233 25.4W / 36.3W 6884 lm
14 ½

LIMBURG Collection

New series of LED pendant luminaires with various outputs and dimensions. These luminaires produce both downward-directed light and unshielded light. Lighting planners often wish for a high degree of illuminance on the surface to be illuminated as well as for unshielded light that produces vertical illuminance in the room. While the three-ply opal glass produces a pleasant and soft distribution of the unshielded light in the room, the integral downlight creates efficient downward-directed light. For information about the relevant beam angles, please refer to the table.
Luminaire housing with white finish
LED color temperatures: 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K
NRTL listed to North American Standards, interior use only