Shielded ceiling luminaire



Shielded ceiling luminaire

These ceiling luminaires come in various sizes and belong to the STUDIO LINE.
These luminaires combine our economical and reliable LED technology with various metallic finishes for a fascinating interplay. Featuring a white housing finish and a highly efficient LED source. Their unique beauty and versatility is enhanced by the choice of three interior metal paint finishes: aluminum, copper or brass. These stylish metal finishes can be chosen to compliment a wide array of interior decorations, as the internally reflected light takes on the quality and color of the metal paint. The result is an eye-catching, yet subtle hint of colored light on the outside edges of the beam spread.
Light diffusing silicone lens
Aluminum housing, outside white, inside metal finish
Select the desired trim ring finish material by using the appropriate code number as a suffix
  • White · Matte aluminum Code number .2
  • White · Matte brass Code number .4
  • White · Matte copper Code number .6

Please note:
All luminaires on this page mount over a custom BEGA 19 538 recessed wiring box. This box can be shipped ahead of the luminaire.
LED color temperatures: 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K
NRTL listed to North American Standards, interior use only