Ceiling and wall luminaire

LIMBURG Collection

Crystal glass

  LED     A B
78 634 10.6W ADA 840 lm
9 ¾
3 ½
78 635 11.6W ADA 1141 lm
11 ¾

Ceiling and wall luminaire
LIMBURG Collection

A series of luminaires for installation on ceilings and walls.
LED Luminaires with impressive crystal glass in various sizes.
The white interior of the glass appears to be embedded in the clear crystal glass.
This blending ensures a pleasantly soft light with a brilliant effect.
Metal elements carefully integrated in the glass close the lamp area by means of a reliable bayonet closure.
Whether as individual luminaires or arranged in groups, this series enhances the lighting of any interior.
Crystal glass, inside white
LED color temperatures: 2700 K, 3000 K, 3500 K, 4000 K
NRTL listed to North American Standards, interior use only