Pole top with indirect cutoff optics

Designed for the illumination of open pedestrian scale landscape areas, parking areas, and roadways featuring indirect cutoff optics. Meets LEED cutoff criteria for lighting zones LZ2-LZ4.

Pole top luminaires with heavy 1/4" domed disk, full specular floodlighting optical system, and flush clear tempered glass lens.

120V - 277V electronic LED driver, 0-10 V dimming.

LED color temperature is 4000K (for 3000K add suffix K3).

U.L. listed, suitable for wet locations.

Protection class: IP65

Finish: Standard BEGA colors.

        Lamp ß T°C   A B C
8309LED Type V 40W LED 39 3/8 24 1/4
Recommended Pole Options
Accessories Description
906HR Straight round 12' pole
Accessories Description
916HR Straight round 16' pole
Accessories Description
920HR Straight round 20' pole
Accessories Description
1508HR Tapered round 15' 8" pole
Accessories Description
1708HR Tapered round 17' 8" pole
Accessories Description
1908HR Tapered round 19' 8" pole